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Lapel Pins

At Pin Artists, our goal is to create a custom pin that is perfect for you. We manufacture our pins to the highest ‘collector quality’ level of workmanship with unmatched attention to design and detail. 

Every Order of Custom Lapel Pins Include:


  • FREE artwork and design

  • FREE full color proof delivered via email

  • FREE Colors – up to 8 colors at no additional charge

  • FREE Shipping – when delivered within the Continental USA

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hard Enamel
Also known as Cloisonné, these pins are the highest quality lapel pins available. They are more jewelry-like in appearance with a smooth finish.
Soft Enamel
Soft Enamel pins have color areas that are recessed, giving the metal lines a raised feel. These pins are the most economical option, while still providing high quality and durability.
3D Cast
These pins are meticulously hand-carved by our artist to create the mold. It is a thicker pin with multiple surface levels, which allows a greater amount of detail and depth.
Die Struck
Die Stuck pins are made without any enamel colors. The recessed areas are sandblasted to create a rich, contrasting textured to the raised, polishing metal lines.
Photo Print / Offset
Photo Print (also known as Offset Print) pins are a great choice when dealing with a photo, or an intricate design with a lot of colors, color gradients,  and fades.
Custom Backer Cards
We can create high quality backer cards in an style and size you need. Our cards are made from 600lbs
heavy card stock with either glossy or matte finishes.
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